Online Territory Manager

Analyse, select and manage territories

The online territory manager*: the solution for lead generation and territory management!

The online territory manager* is the rigth expansion tool for you if:
    • You want to let franchise prospects know their preferred territory is still available,
    • You want to generate additional franchise leads with clear messaging about available territories,
    • You want to develop more than 20 locations in throughout Germany,
    • You want to provide your franchise development team with a guiding tool for their expansion strategy,
    • You want to avoid time consuming discussions about territory about territory protection through clearly defined boundaries during the franchise afreement negotiations,
    • You need automated alerts about the impending end of franchise terms,
    • You want to install a digital franchise agreement and territory management tool.  

Whenever franchisors need an overview of a specific franchisee’s protected territory, agreement terms or distribution territory they usually need to access a hardcopy file to locate the agreement. Then follows the tedious work of reviewing the agreement for details on terms and territory definitions all while a prospect is waiting for a competent response.

Online Gebietsmanager

*open source, one time installation fee*open-source, one time installatio and no subsequent licensing fees

We offer digital products via our subsidiary easy-franchise

We have found the tool for our territory management and related distribution services.

I can only highly recommend the territory manager to everyone.

Jürgen Engelberth

bvfi e.V.


We decided to provide professional handyman services to our customers across different regions through creating a network of independent handyman businesses.

The territory manager allows our franchise prospects to identify areas where they can successfully expand.


Handyman Services


Details about the Online Territory Manager

  • The online territory includes the following standard features based on Germany’s 5-digit ZIP code:
    • Population size
    • Demographics by: Age
    • Households
    • Kaufkraft
    • Number of companies
  • Territories by availability, sold, reserved (e.g. territory protection)
  • Important key figures about your system at once glance
  • Possibility to print the prospect’s desired territory as appendix for the franchise agreement
  • Archive and manage your franchise agreements.
  • Prevent granting the same territory to different candidates
  • Automized alerts about impending end of term
  • Overview of all franchise term lengths.


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