Workshop: "The ideal working relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee."

Creating a fair relationship!

We will lay out how to create the optimal franchise partnership

  • Customized strategy concepts for a successful partnership
  • Concrete action steps to set you on your path to a fair and mutually beneficial partnership
  • On site or at Die FranchiseMacher HQ

Participants will gain insights into:

  • The basics of the dynamics between the franchisor and his franchise partner,
  • No go areas in partnership management,
  • structure and guidelines for the franchisor’s site visits,
  • many tools and plenty of suggestions for the creation and necessary adaptation for a successful franchisee support program.
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This workshop targets:

  • franchisee support managers and executives
  • and all franchisor HQ employees who wish to learn more about the partnership dynamics between the franchisor and the franchisee.

Your speakers


Jana Jabs
Franchise expert

I offer emerging franchise systems practical strategies practical strategies and solutions for the creation of their franchisee network.

My strength:  competently doing the right thing from the start to create and execute strategies.

My experience: to build a franchise system requires a great vision, clear goals and a lot of hands-on work.


Eugen Marquard
Franchise expert

I share valuable and new perspectives on challenges franchisors experience every day.

My strength: thinking bigger in order to uncover the hidden strengths of your business.

My experience: with The FranchiseMacher by their side, many systems could systematically turn that which makes their concepts unique and valuable into something very successful.

Workshop Content

If you wish to adapt the content – no problem.

Expectation management
  • Expectation management “Expectation management” - the franchisor’s and the franchisee’s perspective.
  • Franchisee: why did I become self-employed?
  • Franchisor: why do I want to grow my business?
Maintain posture!
  • How does a franchisor view his franchise partners and vice versa.
  • The ideal franchisee
  • The ideal franchisor
System integration
  • “There is magic in every new beginning ...” — What does it take for a successful system integration?
  • Why is failure not an option?
  • Early indicators for the business success of a franchise partner
Emotions and push backs
  • The most common objections of strong franchisees
  • The most common objections of weak franchisees
  • “Don’t take it personally.” — Franchisor – franchisee communication
The life cycle of a franchise candidate prior to launch
  • prior to launch
  • The program for the first 100 days
  • “The wild years” (the first three years)
... and how franchisee support could look like?

Two experts who manage to combine what not many are able to do: the highest professional expertise based on many years of actual franchise experience — not just theory.

Add to that exceptional social skills and competence and you have a winning combination that makes working with them fun! Keep it up!




I really enjoy our business relationship. Our system and I benefit from your input. Your consulting services are important for me personally. You accompany so many other concepts which has given you a wide spectrum of experience I love to tap into even if everyone needs to decide for himself if and how to implement the value ad you bring. ;)

I love working with you.




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