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Our handbook-tool* for the creation of your franchise handbook

The franchise handbook captures the entire know-how the franchisee will need for the successful operation of the business. Generally a franchise handbook comes in two parts: first, a description of the system and second the operations manual.

If you are considering franchising for your business growthbusiness growth you need to know the operational processes which are the key to success. You should also have them written down.

Documenting in great detail how to generate leads and how to convert them into customers is a must. As a first step in the creation of your handbook it is equally crucial to document all standardized operational processes representing touch points with your concept’s end consumer.

*open source, one time installation fee and no subsequent licensing fees

Online Handbuch Tool
  1. Stop the know-how drain: With every leaving HQ employee and franchisee you run the risk of losing bits and pieces of know-how. Our handbook won’t leave you!
  2. Easily create a structured and secure know-how database: know-how database. Knowledge is of no use if you cannot find it. Our tried and tested handbook structure provides a solid foundation for your know-how.
  3. Create an easy way to conduct your initial and ongoing training programs for your employees and (franchise) partners: pass on know-how to your employees and (franchise) partners for everyone to profit: train your employees and (franchise) partners with the best technological tools available.
  4. Obtain a praxis-oriented online handbook tool for the best possible professional management of your (franchise) business’ most valuable resources: no more excuses! Safe yourself time: your entire know-how available with any device from anywhere.
  5. Make your most important business processes come alive through videos: use images to convey emotions – not a dusty print document.

We offer digital products via our subsidiary easy-franchise

We have standardized all operational procedures and made them available to all employees and partners in our online franchise handbook. The template for the table of content was tremendously helpful and created a structure for all key areas.

We are very happy with our choice for the handbook tool. It meets all needs of our franchise system.




We were mostly sold on the possibility to integrate photos and videos. That way, we also had more fun creating the franchise handbook and managed to get it completed much faster.

The online handbook went far beyond the expectations we had for its use in our system.


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Details about the Online Handbook Tool

Our online franchise handbook is right for you if:

  • You are a franchisor and wish to present your know-how via video, text and images,
  • You want to safe time during the onboarding process of new franchise partners,
  • You want to make available for download information about operational procedures, hygiene and quality standards, current check lists, templates and more throughout your system at any time,
  • Wish to utilize a readily available menu structure,
  • Wish to link your quality management handbook with your franchise handbook,
  • Want an attractive and appealing tool to share your know-how.
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