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I am often asked how a franchisor keeps his franchise manual "vibrant". After all, a lot of time and energy was invested in the creation of the manual. And finally, such a manual only makes sense if everyone involved regularly searches for content in it, reads it and works with it. So how to do it?


  1. Main contact person - topicality

For the success of your franchise manual it is essential that you name a main contact person in the franchise center. This main contact person will always be informed of important process changes and manual-relevant topics. He or she clarifies details with the specialist department and updates the news with the help of documents, sample templates, PDF files, pictures and/or videos to the correct place in the manual.

  1. Factors relevant to success

Focus your menu structure in the manual on the business processes relevant to the success of your business concept. This refers to all processes that help your franchise partners to become (be) successful in day-to-day business if they are implemented correctly. Optimize these processes again and again, adapt them to current trends and involve your franchise partners. Your partners are in business every day. They know exactly what works well and what urgently needs to be improved.

  1. Videos

Above all, online manuals can be designed to be really lively. In the tool used by us at our franchise consulting https://elopage.com/s/einfach-franchise/online-handbuch-tool you can 

  • Make PDF documents, Word, Excel and many other file formats available for download.
  • Integrate images
  • Format texts and
  • link in QM manuals, your intranet, your cash register software
  • Integrate videos

If you integrate a short 30-60sec long video for each of your success-relevant processes - perfect. Your videos do not have to meet professional requirements. One mobile video is enough. But the named process should be presented in detail. It's not only in the gastronomy that it offers itself 

  • the cleaning of equipment
  • the correct use of work equipment
  • dealing with the customer
  • Day preparations and closings

in video form. If you also activate these manual menu items for the employees of your franchise partners, they can save a lot of time and money when training new employees. 

  1. linking with other tools (newsletter)

If you have everything available online, it is only the next step to an internal newsletter. Maybe you already send a newsletter regularly to your franchise partners. Point out new contents in the manual and their importance. Or link from the start page of your intranet to your manual. Link to your franchise manual as often as possible. All online communication in your network can help keep your franchise manual alive.

Our online manual tool allows you to send an automated email to different user groups in case of major changes and to save "read confirmations" of your users. https://elopage.com/s/einfach-franchise/online-handbuch-tool

  1. Rankings

For a franchisor, it is important that he "collects" the success figures of his franchise partners (preferably digitally). Not only to calculate fees, but also to control his franchise system, he is dependent on these figures. Maintain healthy competition in your network and play these numbers back into your franchise network. Nothing motivates more than the visibility of "the other" in the most relevant key figures of your system. Anonymous or open to all - publish your rankings and leaderboards on your intranet and link to helpful chapters in your franchise manual. So your franchise partner can immediately read which processes he or she can still optimize.


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