Workshop: "How do I find the right franchise partner?"

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We show you the most important levers for your growth.

  • Customized strategy concepts for your successful growth
  • Concrete action steps for you to implement
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Participants will gain insights into:

  • Regularities of selling a license,
  • KPIs for successful franchise sales and optimization strategies,
  • Basics of pre-contractual disclosure requirements,
  • Lead generation strategies,
  • psychological foundations and attitude tips.
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This workshops targets:

  • Managers who have newly been tasked with the exciting work of franchise development,
  • Experienced franchise expansion managers who daily discover new and fascinating facts about their job.

Your speakers


Jana Jabs
Franchise expert

I offer emerging franchise systems practical strategies practical strategies and solutions for the creation of their franchisee network.

My strength:  competently doing the right thing from the start to create and execute strategies.

My experience: to build a franchise system requires a great vision, clear goals and a lot of hands-on work.


Eugen Marquard
Franchise expert

I share valuable and new perspectives on challenges franchisors experience every day.

My strength: thinking bigger in order to uncover the hidden strengths of your business.

My experience: with The FranchiseMacher by their side, many systems could systematically turn that which makes their concepts unique and valuable into something very successful.

Workshop Content

If you wish to adapt the content – no problem.

The ideal franchise partner and lead generation
  • The ideal franchise partner: let’s look where we can find him?
  • Sharing experiences: lead generation
  • Statistics: Statistics: cost measured per lead, initial call, franchise agreement, length of discovery process, etc.
discovery process, etc.Selling the license I: the basic process and creating buzz
  • Initial call - first face to face meeting
  • signing the franchise agreement and initial training
  • Pre-contractual disclosure agreement striking a balance between legal requirements and sales strategy
Selling the license II: Paying attention to detail leads to success
  • The franchise sales manager: striking a balance between creating excitement and being professional
  • Requesting documents and information from the prospect: striking a balance between protecting the brand and paper overload.
  • Where franchise sales managers are powerless

We had a highly interesting workshop with Mr. Marquard of Die FranchiseMacher. Mr. Marquard knows exactly what areas to cover and makes them accessible to his audience.

We are more than grateful for his valuable insights.




We felt very comfortable and appreciated the professional help.

Thanks to Jana and Eugen we were able to take concrete next steps for our project!




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